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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015
District Proposals: Straid Natural Environment

Local Landscape Policy Area (LLPA)

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The following Local Landscape Policy Area SD 04 is designated in Straid as identified on Map No. 9a - Straid and clarification Map No. 9c – Straid Local Landscape Policy Area.
This LLPA lies within and adjoins the Settlement Development of Straid. It is considered to be of the greatest amenity value, landscape quality or local significance and must be protected from undesirable or damaging development.
Policy for the control of development within this LLPA is contained in Policy ENV 3 in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan.
Designation SD 04 Local Landscape Policy Area Straid
A Local Landscape Policy Area is designated at Straid as identified on Map No. 9a – Straid, Map No. 1 – Newtownabbey Countryside and Map No. 9c – Straid Local Landscape Policy Areas showing the full extent of the LLPA affecting the settlement of Straid.
Those features, or the combination of features, that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of this area are listed below:
  • Area of local amenity importance – Straid Hill, a landmark feature with significant vegetation;
  • Area of local nature conservation interest – River corridor and mill race with associated areas of rich vegetation, including an avenue of mature trees along the mill race; and
  • Locally significant buildings and their surroundings – Straidhill House, an old farmhouse which is becoming derelict, and Mill House.
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