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District Proposals: Straid Background

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Straid is situated approximately 5km east of Ballyclare. The village has historically developed along Main Street, which contains many original buildings. In recent years development has been concentrated between Main Street and Irish Hill Road.
Designation SD 01 Settlement Development Limit Straid
A Settlement Development Limit is designated for Straid as identified on Map No. 9a – Straid.
The Settlement Development Limit is designated to take account of land committed for development. It also takes account of the role of the settlement whilst protecting its natural setting.
The designated Settlement Development Limit will ensure a compact settlement form and prevent inappropriate expansion and further intrusion into the countryside along the four roads leading from the settlement, thereby preventing further ribbon development.
The limit is drawn to include the Straid Primary School and the adjacent proposed Council playing fields, the Straid Congregational Church and the Main Street shops and the significant development which has occurred since the beginning of the Plan period at the Village Hill development on Irish Hill Road. The Settlement Development Limit is unchanged from that identified in the Newtownabbey Area Plan 2005.
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