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District Proposals: Ballyeaston Background

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Ballyeaston is located on the southern hill slopes overlooking Six Mile Water River approximately 2-3 km north of Ballyclare Town Centre. Ballyeaston has a very distinctive character, focused on the junction of three main routes that join near a medieval parish church. The settlement’s form may closely echo its earlier layout, while it’s buildings cluster around the churches, which are distinctive landmarks in particular the first Presbyterian Church.
The centre of the village comprises of a tightly knit group of buildings on both sides of the Trenchill Road, a steeply inclined and winding road, which forms the village’s main street. Most of its buildings remain largely unaltered and the village still retains much of its original character.
Designation BN 01 Settlement Development Limit Ballyeaston  
A Settlement Development Limit is designated for Ballyeaston as identified on Map No. 4a - Ballyeaston.
The Settlement Development Limit is designated to reflect the existing pattern of development and take account of land with extant planning permission for housing and the role of the settlement, whilst protecting the natural setting of the village.
The Settlement Development Limit is drawn to ensure a compact settlement form and prevent inappropriate expansion into the surrounding countryside along the four roads leading from Main Street and prevent coalescence with Ballyclare to the south-west.
The Settlement Development Limit respects the landscape setting provided by the Trenchill slopes of the Six Mile Water River Valley and the prominence of the First Presbyterian Church. It provides for limited additional development within the existing village fabric.
The limit excludes land on the Trenchill Road previously identified as open space in the Newtownabbey Area Plan 2005 and includes the curtilage of 197-207 Ballyeaston Road.
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