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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015
District Proposals: Craigarogan

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Craigarogan is situated south east of Roughfort, and approximately 6km west of Glengormley Town Centre and has developed at the junction of the Bernice Road and the Clarke Lodge Road.
Designation CN 01 Settlement Development Limit Craigarogan  
A Settlement Development Limit is designated for Craigrogan as identified on Map No. 13a - Craigarogan.  
The Settlement Development Limit is drawn to prevent further development along the Clarke Lodge Road and the Bernice Road and includes opportunities for development that will consolidate the settlement form.

Bairds Brae SLNCI

The Bairds Brae SLNCI adjoins the Settlement Development Limit of Craigarogan at one point but the majority is situated within the open countryside and is designated accordingly at NY 02/01(See Countryside and Coast section).
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