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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015
District Proposals: Metropolitan Newtownabbey Open Space, Sport & Outdoor Recreation

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Newtownabbey Borough Council own and manage a large variety of open space, sport and outdoor recreational areas. This includes football, rugby, hockey and cricket pitches at Three Mile Water, soccer and rugby pitches at Valley Park, football pitches at The Diamond and at Mossley as well as a large grassy area at Burneys Lane. There is adequate provision of parks, playgrounds and walkways at various locations within the built up area, including the Loughshore and Valley Parks and the NIHE own and maintain a number of grassed areas of open space.
In addition to this, there are privately owned grass pitches at the Monkstown Social Club and Nortel Playing fields and a number of private playing fields within the educational sector.
Areas of existing open space above 1 hectare are listed below and identified for information only on Map No. 2a - Metropolitan Newtownabbey. Details of these and smaller areas of open space below 1 hectare are contained within the Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation Technical Supplement.
Policy for the protection of open space is contained in PPS 8 Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation.
Policy OS 1 of PPS 8 will apply to all areas of existing open space whether or not they are indicated in the Plan Proposals Map for information.

Existing Outdoor Sport and Children’s Playing Space

Location Outdoor Sport (H) Children's Casual Play Space (H) Children's Casual Play Area (H) Total Area (H) Description
Three Mile Water 5.68 0 0 5.68 Football, rugby, hockey & cricket pitches
Valley Park 22.83 0 0 22.83 Soccor & rugby pitches
The Diamond 4.37 0 0 4.37 Football pitches, Council owned
Mossley Recreation Grounds 3.30 0 0 3.30 Football pitch, Council owned
Ards Drive 0 0 1.25 1.25 Slightly sloping grassed area
Bracken Drive 0 0.7 2.12 2.19 Graased area with small playground
Owenreagh Drive 0 0 1.12 1.12 Large grassed area with trees
Rosslea Way 0 0 1.09 1.09 Large grassed area
Clonmore Green 0 0 1.06 1.06 Large grassed area
Burnley's Lane 0 0 1.74 1.74 Large grassed area
Manse Way 0 0 3.84 3.84 Large grassed area
Carnmoney Road North 0 0 2.14 2.14 Slightly sloping grassed area with some mature trees
Forthill Drive 0 0 3.41 3.41 Slightly sloping grassed area with informal playing pitch
Ballyfore Road 0 0 1.41 1.41 Grassed area
Forthill Gardens 0 0 1.01 1.01 Slightly sloping grassed area

Existing Private Outdoor Sport and Children’s Playing Space Provision

Facility Outdoor Sport (H) Description
Monkstown Social Club 1.03 Grass pitches
Nortel Playing Fields 3.17 Grass pitches

Existing Outdoor Sports Facilities Within the Educational Sector

Schools Area (H) Description
Newtownabbey Community High School 1.72 Private playing fields
Edmund Rice College 2.38 Private playing fields
Mossgrove Primary School 1.95 Private playing fields
Glengormley High School 4.3 Private playing fields and tennis courts
Rathcoole Primary School 1.07 Private playing fields

Other Public Open Space Provision

Name/Location Area (H) Description
Loughshore Park, Shore Road, Jordanstown 4.68 Park with playground and shoreline walkways
The Glen 7.14 Park forming southern section of the Three Mile Water Linear Park
Three Mile Water Linear Park Doagh Road 73.54 Conservation park with mature trees, walkways, tennis courts & pitches
Hazelbank park, Shore Raod 10.93 Park with playground & bowling green, walkways & mature trees
Glengormley Park, Carnmoney Road 2.76 Park with playground, bowling green, basketball court and tennis court
Sandyknowles Park, Antrim Road 2.61 SMall park with playground & mature trees
Valley Park, Antrim Road 25.23 Park with playground, playing fields & mature trees
Knockenagh Avenue 1.51 Steeply sloping grassed area with mature planting
Rushpark 3.02 Flat grassed area with plenty of mature trees
Church Road 1.18 Grassed area adjacent to busy road
Manse Road 4.64 Large area of mature trees with pathways
Campbell Road 5.26 Relatively flat grassed area
Braden Glen 13.23 Mature trees & walkways along river
Milewater Drive, New Mossley 1.34 Landscaped area with pathways
Beverley Road 1.07 Sloping grassed area with some established trees
O'Neill Road 1.73 Steeply sloping grassed area with mature trees
Gideon's Green 13.32 Seating areas & walkways around small lake
Rathfern Wood 80.00 Community woodland
Monkstown Wood 9.33 Community Woodland

Community Greenways

The Plan Proposals promote the concept of Community Greenways, which seek to re-establish corridor links between parks and natural areas to create a network of urban open space. Greenways provide places for both recreation and exercise alongside opportunities for pedestrian and cycle routes as well as wildlife habitats. Both publicly owned open space and private lands are included.
Designation MNY 56 Community Greenways
Community Greenways are designated in the following areas as identified on Map No. 2a - Metropolitan Newtownabbey:-
MNY 56/01: Abbey Green, Monkstown to Cavehill
MNY 56/02: Monkstown to Belfast
MNY 56/03: Monkstown to Carrickfergus Escarpment via Valley Park and Carnmoney Hill
Further details and descriptions of each designated Community Greenway are contained in the Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation Technical Supplement.
Policy for the control of development within a designated Community Greenway is contained in Policy OS 2 as set out in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan.
These designated Community Greenways also link into the Belfast City Network of Community Greenways as identified on Map No. 2a – Metropolitan Newtownabbey. The National Cycle Network along the Lough Shore also forms a component part of the Community Greenway network in the Borough.
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