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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015
District Proposals: Metropolitan Newtownabbey Housing (Page 1 of 5)

The Plan zones approximately 213 hectares of land for housing in Metropolitan Newtownabbey within the Plan period including 9 hectares for social housing identified by the Housing Needs Assessment carried out by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE). Further details regarding housing are contained in the Housing Section in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan and in the Population and Housing Technical Supplement.
Sites have been selected to allow for the efficient use of land within the urban footprint, to provide choice in the housing market and to include existing commitments. Other factors influencing site selection include access to public transport and the aim to minimise detrimental impact on the environment.
Land zoned for housing will be developed in accordance with prevailing regional planning policy and with the Plan Proposals, including Key Site Requirements where relevant. These may include access/infrastructure requirements, public open space provision, protection or enhancement of nature conservation interests, landscaping, provision for walking and/or cycling, local neighbourhood facilities and other site specific requirements.
In the case of the larger sites the submission of a Concept Master Plan is a Key Site Requirement in the interests of securing a well designed development of high quality in accordance with the requirements of Planning Policy Statement 7 Quality Residential Environments.

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Housing Zoning

The following sites MNY 02 - MNY 06 are zoned for housing as identified on Map No. 2a – Metropolitan Newtownabbey and Map No. 2W - Metropolitan Newtownabbey Social Housing.
Committed housing sites (Built) (NY 02/01-NY 02/42) include sites with planning permission for housing which have been built in full or in part since 1st January 1999 and have a potential yield of 10 or more dwellings. Details of all sites, including those with a potential yield of less than 10 dwellings are contained in the Population and Housing Technical Supplement.
Zoning MNY 02 Housing Committed Housing Sites (Built)
The following sites are zoned for housing as identified on Map No. 2a - Metropolitan Newtownabbey:-
Reference Address Hectares
MNY 02/01 363-365 Antrim Road 0.12
MNY 02/02 Ballycraigy Road and Ballyclare Road junction 0.15
MNY 02/03 Craigland Court, off Craiglands Drive, Ballyclare Road 0.22
MNY 02/04 Railway Halt, 142 Monkstown Road 0.33
MNY 02/05 Land at 15 Rosemount Park 0.38
MNY 02/06 Glenville Court, 63-91 Glenville Road, Whiteabbey 0.41
MNY 02/07 Mill Church Manor, Manse Road 0.45
MNY 02/08 Macedon Court, Abbeyville street, Shore Road 0.46
MNY 02/09 Cedar court, Glenville Road, Whiteabbey 0.47
MNY 02/10 Belfry View, junction of Shore Road and Doagh Road 0.49
MNY 02/11 Glenview Park, Glenville Road 0.55
MNY 02/12 Land between 3 and 47 Derrycoole Way, Rathcoole 0.58
MNY 02/13 63-66 Dalewood, Ballyhenry Road 0.59
MNY 02/14 Anna's Grove, 126 Hydepark Road 0.66
MNY 02/15 91 Jordanstown Road 0.67
MNY 02/16 Upper Hollybrook Heights, Hightown Road 0.87
MNY 02/17 Glenview Gardens, to the rear of Glenwhirry Court, Glenville Road 0.88
MNY 02/18 Glenavna Manor, Shore Road, Whiteabbey 0.88
MNY 02/19 Site of former Glenwell laundry, Glengormley Park, Antrim Road 0.93
MNY 02/20 Glenabbey Crescent and Glenabbey Avenue, Glenville Road 0.97
MNY 02/21 Ravensdale development, Manse Road 0.99
MNY 02/22 Sentry Hill Drive, Ballycraigy Road 1.02
MNY 02/23 The Beeches, 134 Hightown Road 1.08
MNY 02/24 Berry Drive, Bramble Road 1.15
MNY 02/25 Mount Pleasant Road, off Jordanstown Road 1.39
MNY 02/26 Bracken View, Bracken Mews and Bracken Dale, Carnmoney Hill 1.54
MNY 02/27 The Poplars, Park Road, Mallusk 1.90
MNY 02/28 Braden Heights, Derrycoole Way, Rathcoole 2.18
MNY 02/29 Ashford Lodge,Ballycraigy Road 2.20
MNY 02/30 The Cairn, Glebe Road 2.42
MNY 02/31 Hydepark Manor and Trench Lane, Hydepark Road 2.54
MNY 02/32 Fernridge, west of Cedar Hill, Ballycraigy Road 2.67
MNY 02/33 Abbeyhill and Abbeycroft development, Glenville Road 2.69
MNY 02/34 Meadowlands and Meadowbank Court, Jordanstown Road 2.89
MNY 02/35 Glenmount Village, 49 Church Road 3.13
MNY 02/36 Hedgelea Development, opposite 88 Old Carrick Road 4.22
MNY 02/37 Extension to The Brambles, Old Carrick Road, Jordanstown 4.36
MNY 02/38 Woodfield development, off Jordanstown Heights 5.47
MNY 02/39 Mayfield Park, Mayfield Gardens and Mayfield Road 5.83
MNY 02/40 30-118 Lynda Meadows, Jordanstown Road, Newtownabbey 7.23
MNY 02/41 Mayfield Village, Hightown Road 7.78
MNY 02/42 Rogan Manor, Antrim Road, Mallusk 9.04
Committed housing sites (MNY 03/01-MNY 03/20) include sites with extant planning permission for housing and which have a potential yield of 10 or more dwellings. Details of all sites including those, which have permission for less than 10 dwellings are contained in the Population and Housing Technical Supplement.
The plan stipulates Key Site Requirements for those sites over 0.5 hectares, which will apply if current approvals lapse or where a further planning application is submitted. Development of sites under 0.5 hectares will be subject to regional planning policy.
Zoning MNY 03 Housing Committed Housing Sites
The following sites are zoned for housing as identified on Map No. 2a - Metropolitan Newtownabbey:
Reference Address Hectarea
MNY 03/01 436 Shore Road, Whiteabbey 0.12
MNY 03/02 287-295 Antrim Road, Glengormley 0.14
MNY 03/03 125 Monkstown Road 0.19
MNY 03/04 14-16 St Quentin Avenue, Glebe Road West 0.21
MNY 03/05 Land adjacent to 27 Ballyduff Road, Carnmoney Road 0.23
MNY 03/06 Land at the junction of Fairview Road and Ballyduff Road 0.32
MNY 03/07 81 Ballyclare Road 0.32
MNY 03/08 309-311 Shore Road 0.36
MNY 03/09 120 Hightown Road, Glengormley 0.40
MNY 03/10 Land adjacent to Abbey Presbyterian Church, Monkstown Gardens 0.47
MNY 03/19 Land to the north and east of 60 Hydepark Road 6.62
MNY 03/20 Mayfield, Hightown Road 69.28
* Key Site Requirements are not stipulated for these housing zonings as work has commenced on site.
Zoning MNY 03/11 Housing 151 Glenville Road, Whiteabbey
0.53 hectares of land are zoned for housing at Glenville Road as identified on Map No. 2a - Metropolitan Newtownabbey.
Key Site Requirements:-
  • Housing development shall be a minimum gross density of 20 dwellings per hectare;
  • Access shall be from Glenville Road. Detailed consultation with Roads Service, DRD shall be required to identify any necessary improvements to the road network/public transport/transportation measures in the area, to facilitate development of the site. A Transport Assessment (TA) may be required to identify such improvements;
  • The design and layout of the development shall include measures to mitigate possible noise nuisance and pollution associated with the adjacent industrial premises on Glenville Road. This shall include a 3 metres wide landscape buffer of trees and hedges of native species planted along the north-western and north-eastern boundaries of the site;
  • The design and construction of the proposed dwellings shall be such as to ensure compliance with the internal noise criteria recommended within "BS8233: 1999, Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Buildings"; and
  • All existing trees, shrubs and hedgerows within the site and on the boundaries shall be retained unless the Department determines that such vegetation is not of a quality to merit retention or is required to be removed to facilitate a safe means of access to the site.
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