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Belfast HMO Subject Plan 2015
Plan Strategy & Policy Framework: Policy Framework

The Strategy will be achieved through the Plan Proposals consisting of a combination of policies and designations.
Four spatial policies, with associated designations, identify the extent to which further HMO development will be permitted in different locations. These are as follows:
In addition, a further two polices, which relate to individual HMO proposals, will set out development criteria. The two policies are as follows:
Future development of HMOs will be curtailed in areas where there are currently significant concentrations of such accommodation, particularly in South Belfast. Opportunities to meet the ongoing requirement for HMO accommodation will be met through:
a) Purpose built student housing; and
b) Designation of areas where HMO development will be permitted.
The Subject Plan has been prepared to specifically address HMO development. it is not intended to amend or supersede other prevailing statutory planning policy provisions but is intended to be complementary in regards to matters associated with HMOs.
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