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Belfast HMO Subject Plan 2015
Introduction: Relationship with Other Public Sector Strategies

The Subject Plan takes into account the work of other public sector bodies for the future development of the Plan area, with particular respect to issues including urban regeneration and Council initiatives.

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive

In May 2004 the Housing Executive (NIHE) introduced a Statutory Registration Scheme for HMOs in Northern Ireland. Registration was initially introduced by targeting those properties which were deemed to represent the greatest risk to the occupants, namely the larger three and four storey properties. Since then the NIHE has progressively rolled out the Scheme so that every HMO in Northern Ireland, both existing and new, has now got a specified date for registration.
A registered HMO is required to comply with all HMO Standards, must be Fit for Human Habitation and must be managed in accordance with the HMO Management Regulations. The Registration Scheme along with this Subject Plan contributes to the policy framework for HMO development.

Department of Social Development

The Department of Social Development Opens link in a new browser window (DSD) plays a central role in developing and co-ordinating the implementation of urban regeneration programmes throughout Northern Ireland.
DSD’s approach to regeneration, in pursuance of its statutory authority, is to promote and implement a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable approach to tackling social, economic and physical regeneration and redressing disadvantage in cities and towns. DSD’s role and its regeneration responsibilities have been taken into account in preparing the Subject Plan.

Council Initiatives

Belfast City Council has developed a strategy for developing the vision for future development in the City Council area. The vision contains a number of themes for economic, social, environmental and developmental change. The Subject Plan takes account of the themes flowing from the vision processes where these have implications for future HMO development.
The Inter-Agency Strategic Group is an initiative set up by Belfast City Council to specifically address issues related to HMO Development. The Subject Plan has been informed by the Inter-Agency Strategic Group.
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