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Belfast HMO Subject Plan 2015
Housing Need Context: Geographic Distribution

The Queen’s University Belfast attracts many students to live in the Inner South Belfast area. Students attending the University of Ulster also find this area attractive given the concentration of facilities, entertainment and services. Employment opportunities in the entertainment sector, Belfast City Hospital and to an extent the Royal Hospitals also draws migrant workers to the South Belfast area.
South Belfast, more than any other part of Belfast, is perceived as being relatively neutral in terms of the city’s segregated geography. It is, therefore, attractive to many groups, including those unfamiliar with the city. The greater availability of privately rented accommodation and shared housing also makes it attractive to many of the groups identified above.
It is not clear whether a housing need or a housing demand drives the housing market in South Belfast. Undoubtedly students, single person households and migrant workers have housing needs. However, it is possible that part of this need could be accommodated in other parts of the city if accommodation was available.
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