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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Ards Borough: Kircubbin

Kircubbin is located at the mid-way point of the Ards Peninsula on the A20 Newtownards to Portaferry Road. It is approximately 33 kilometres from Belfast and 17 kilometres from Newtownards. Portaferry is approximately 12 kilometres to the south.
The settlement originally developed as a market centre and small port and is now a local service centre and a base for water-borne recreation located at Kircubbin Sailing Club.
Main Street contains a variety of shops and retail services including a post office and provides the focus of the village. Other facilities include two churches, two schools and a college of further education, a community centre, chemist, health care centre and medical centre.
Kircubbin extends around a small bay and is enclosed by steep slopes inland. The headlands at Nunsquarter House and Doctor’s Bay, and land just south of the village known as Fish Quarter are distinctive landscape settings as referred to in the Northern Ireland Landscape Assessment Report.
Proposal KN 01 Settlement Limit
A Settlement Limit is designated in accordance with Policy SETT 1 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/013a, Kircubbin Settlement Map.
The Settlement Limit is designated to provide development opportunities commensurate with the scale of the village, protect its setting and prevent sprawl.
The limit includes housing lands included within the previous development limit, some with the benefit of planning permission, and some now developed or being developed since the commencement of the preparation of the Plan. The Settlement Limit prevents further ribbon development along Shore Road to the north and along Parsonage Road to the east, where it is important to control levels of additional traffic accessing the junction of Roden Street and Main Street. Cook’s Brae and the road alignment provide a visual stop to development to the south. The limit also excludes the higher ground to the east of Shore Road which provides an important backdrop to the village, the foreshore and Monaghan Bank
Proposal KN 02 Housing Policy Areas
The following Housing Policy Areas are designated in accordance with Policy SETT 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/013a, Kircubbin Settlement Map. Development of the lands below will be subject to the following key design considerations:
HPA 1 Disused warehouse, 25 Main Street
  • redevelopment of this building should respect the character of the adjoining listed building and adjacent development, in terms of scale, design, layout and materials
HPA 2 Land to the rear of Sanctuary Cove Development
  • provision of a 4 metre planted landscape buffer using appropriate indigenous species on the south eastern boundary to ensure an definite edge to the settlement adjacent to the countryside.
Policy KN 03 Local Landscape Policy Areas
The following Local Landscape Policy Areas are designated in accordance with Policy CON 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/013a, Kircubbin Settlement Map, Map No. 2/013b and the relevant Ards Countryside Map.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of these areas are listed below.

LLPA 1 Monaghan Bank

  • distinctive landform and headland provides landscape setting to south of village and encloses the bay; and
  • area of local amenity importance with public access along shore is an important landscape feature on approaches to Kircubbin especially from the north and from the lough and is characterised by undeveloped slopes and a raised beach and bank.

LLPA 2 Nunsquarter and associated lands

  • listed Nunsquarter House, control house and weigh bridge and their surroundings including mature trees and vegetation which continue over crest along Shore Road; and
  • area of local amenity importance - headland and distinctive bank and raised beach landform mirror Monaghan Bank on southern side of bay, contribute to the landscape setting of the village and form an important entrance and exit feature to the village.

LLPA 3 Tubber Na Carraig and associated lands

  • localised hill landform and rising ground to north of village provide prominent backcloth to shoreline development especially when viewed from the lough and Shore Road to the north;
  • listed house (Tubber Na Carraig) and its planned setting including walled landscaped grounds and significant areas of mature trees; and
  • landform and important trees around listed house together provide a landscape and visual setting to the village.

LLPA 4 Rectory and grounds

  • large listed house, gates and gate pillars and surrounding landscaped grounds comprising its setting including part of the original grounds and tree lined access to the west; and
  • surrounding mature trees and vegetation are important visual feature in local landscape and present an attractive frontage onto Parsonage Road.
Proposal KN 04 Area of Townscape Character
An Area of Townscape Character is designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 6 (PPS 6): Planning, Archaeology and the Built Heritage and as indicated on Map No. 2/013a, Kircubbin Settlement Map.
The distinctive character, appearance, key features and intrinsic qualities of Kircubbin’s historic core and the basis for its designation as an Area of Townscape Character derive from:
  • its setting in a historic landscape;
  • the distinct character of the shoreline is a key element, the old quay at the northern end of the town and its close association with the Main Street. Beyond this again is the open landscape setting of the White and Monaghan banks (drumlins). The interdependence of these three elements is the essence of the character of Kircubbin;
  • the listed Parish Church of the Holy Trinity and the Presbyterian Manse at No. 15;
  • in addition to these two significant architectural pieces, other distinctive architectural features include the moulded plaster dressings to No. 4 and 24, the bar front to the Gilmore’s pub. No. 44 and the shop fronts and door cases in the group of listed buildings from No. 27 – 41.
The design of development proposals within the designated area should be in keeping with the overall historic layout and built form of the village in terms of scale, massing, materials and detailing. Furthermore, proposals should be respectful of the particular styles of host and/ or adjoining buildings in order to retain the significance and architectural integrity of key elements within the townscape. The relationship of the shoreline to Main Street is paramount.
In the long term there exists a need for the establishment of a pro-active strategy to address: the poor state of the quay; the extension of the recreational walkway to link the quay to the existing public spaces; and comprehensive environmental improvements of the public spaces and hard and soft landscapes along the shore line from the northernmost car-park (adjacent to No. 1 Main Street) through to the playing fields.
Proposal KN 05 Existing Amenity Open Space and Recreation
The following areas of existing amenity open space and recreation use are designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS 8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation and as indicated on Map No. 2/013a, Kircubbin Settlement Map.

Active Open Space

Kircubbin Promenade: Play Area, Playing Field & Coastal Walkway
Roden Street/Parsonage Road: Play Area Playground

Amenity Open Space

The Green: Open Space
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