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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Ards Borough: Carrowdore

Carrowdore is a small inland village approximately 11 kilometres from Newtownards, and centrally located between Newtownards, Millisle, Ballywalter and Greyabbey.
The expansive and predominantly residential Main Street provides a focus for the village, particularly the petrol filling station, shop and post office. Other facilities include a primary school and a recently constructed integrated secondary school.
The quarry on Manse Road to the south of the village is a determining factor on the location of new development.
Carrowdore Castle Estate at Ballyrawer provides a distinct elevated setting to the north, as highlighted in the recent Northern Ireland Landscape Assessment.
Proposal CE 01 Settlement Limit
A Settlement Limit is designated in accordance with Policy SETT 1 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/009a, Carrowdore Settlement Map.
The Settlement Limit has been designated to ensure the optimum use of existing land within the settlement and the protection of the village setting.
It is also designated to prevent urban sprawl, in particular the further expansion of the village to the east and potential coalescence with the neighbouring small settlement of Ballyboley to the south. Included within the designated limit is an area of Community Woodland to the west of Johnston Park.
An extension is provided to the north at Abbey Road to include the site occupied by the new Strangford Integrated College.
Proposal CE 02 Housing Policy Areas
The following Housing Policy Areas are designated in accordance with Policy SETT 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/009a, Carrowdore Settlement Map. Development of these lands will be subject to the following Key Design Considerations:
HPA 1 Lands at Main Street to the South West of Johnston Park
  • housing development to be a minimum gross site density of 20 dwellings per hectare;
  • the site occupies a prominent position in the village centre, fronting Main Street and this should be reflected in the design and layout of the housing scheme. Access arrangements and dwelling layout to be designed to ensure that houses front onto Main Street and any proposed internal access roads;
  • existing trees within the site should be retained, and the positioning of houses in relation to trees shall be such that development will not threaten the survival of trees;
  • planting of trees and vegetation of indigenous species required where the site borders the commercial area to the south west and the small farm on Main Street, in order to screen future housing from potentially conflicting land uses and to protect residential amenity; and
  • existing vegetation along the north western perimeter of the site shall be retained and enhanced with a planted buffer 8-10m deep consisting of indigenous trees and hedgerow species to provide screening for the development and help integrate it into the surrounding countryside.
HPA 2 31 – 39 Main Street
access arrangements and dwelling layout shall be designed to ensure that houses front onto Main Street to ensure a strong street frontage and onto any proposed internal access roads.
Planning Applications within all Housing Policy Areas above will also be processed in accordance with all prevailing planning policy.
Policy CE 03 Local Landscape Policy Area
The following Local Landscape Policy Area is designated in accordance with Policy CON 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/009a, Carrowdore Settlement Map, Map No. 2/009b and the relevant Ards Countryside Map.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of these areas are listed below.

LLPA 1 Carrowdore Castle and Christ Church

  • listed Carrowdore Castle (house), outbuildings and gazebo and its planned demesne surroundings;
  • planned parkland landscape with important mature tree groups and shelter belts, lake and gardens providing diverse habitats for wildlife;
  • listed Christ Church on slightly elevated site and its setting comprising the surrounding slopes and the laneway link to the demesne/house;
  • important mature trees line access road and laneway to church;
  • listed gates and screens with backcloth of mature trees provide attractive entrance feature into Carrowdore and are directly in view along Abbey Road;
  • archaeological interest – 2 enclosures within the demesne grounds; and
  • demesne grounds containing heritage features and mature trees provide sense of enclosure and a landscape setting to the village.
A substantial part of these lands is also designated as a Historic Park, Garden and Demesne under Proposal COU 7 in Volume 1 of the Plan. Additional information about the site can be found in the Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s Register of Parks, Gardens and Demesnes of Special Historic Interest.
Proposal CE 04 Existing Amenity Open Space and Recreation
The following area of existing amenity open space and recreation use is designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS 8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation and as indicated on Map No. 2/009a, Carrowdore Settlement Map.

Active Open Space

Carrowdore Football Pitch, Main Street: Play Area and Playing Field
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