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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
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It is considered that in the order of 1000 housing units will be required in Donaghadee over the Plan period to fulfil its role as a small town. Sites have been identified within the existing urban footprint with the minimum of additional green field development. The residue of ongoing development sites and lands committed for development by virtue of planning approvals are included.
Additional sites have been selected to ensure minimum impact on the environment. These lands will be developed in accordance with all prevailing regional planning policy on housing as referred to in the preamble to the housing policies and with the relevant policies of the Plan.
In addition, key design considerations are provided for each site in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS 7): Quality Residential Environments, which should be taken into account in the preparation of development proposals. These key design considerations may include infrastructure requirements and/or requirements for local neighbourhood facilities. A map is provided for some of the larger sites to illustrate the area which the Concept Master Plan or indicative concept plan required under PPS 7 should cover, to enable the comprehensive  development of zoned housing lands. Housing lands are indicated on Map No. 2/004a, Donaghadee Settlement Map.
Proposal DE 02 3.42 Hectares at 12 Stockbridge Road and 146 Warren Road
Key Design Considerations:
  • due to its location in an area of low density housing and the need to retain a significant number of existing trees, site should accommodate no more than 34 dwellings;
  • provision of a suitable access to the site onto Warren Road;
  • access arrangements and dwelling layout to be designed to ensure all houses front onto Warren Road and any proposed internal access roads;
  • submission of a landscape plan showing the retention of the trees;
  • positive management arrangements will be required to protect and maintain the open space, landscaping and features of the natural heritage within the site;
  • provision of buffer planting, 5 metres in depth, along the south western and south eastern boundaries of the site; and
  • the internal footpath system to link with existing system serving the town.
The specific yield quoted reflects a planning condition attached to an outline planning permission granted for residential development on appeal.
Proposal DE 03 0.99 Hectares of land at 138 – 140 Warren Road
Key Design Considerations:
  • development to be confined to the level portion of the site avoiding the rising ground to the west; and
  • no building on this level portion to have a ridge height greater than 10 metres above the existing ground level.
The key design consideration concerning the height of any proposed building reflects a planning condition attached to a planning permission granted for residential development on appeal.
Proposal DE 04 0.19 Hectares of land at 8 -10 New Road (Chaplin Gate)
Key Design Considerations:
  • the site lies within an Area of Townscape Character and any future planning application will be considered within the context of Proposal DE 17 of the Plan;
  • the existing perimeter planting shall be retained and reinforced with additional trees and shrub planting of native species; and
  • a suitable access to be provided from New Road.
Proposal DE 05 0.11 Hectare site at 27 Shore Street
Key Design Considerations:
  • The Moat is a visually important landmark within the town consequently no development will be permitted that will adversely impact on any views of The Moat from Shore Street;
  • provision of a suitable access from Moat Entry, a private unadopted roadway;
  • due to existing soil conditions a structural engineers report will be required as part of any application for the development of this site; and
  • site is located within the Area of Archaeological Potential and future development will be processed in accordance with Proposal DE 19 of the Plan.
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