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Proposal DE 16 Local Landscape Policy Areas
Local Landscape Policy Areas The following Local Landscape Policy Areas are designated in accordance with Policy CON 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/004a, Donaghadee Settlement Map, Map No. 2/004c and the relevant Ards Countryside Map.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of these areas are listed below.

LLPA 1 Portavo House and demesne

  • substantial areas of mature trees in the form of shelter belts and woodland set within a late 18th century planned Landscape Park and associated walled and ornamental gardens;
  • locally important large house on site of earlier houses occupies prominent position within the Park;
  • water tower on localised hill (Shore Hill) forms local landmark and good stop to development; and
  • area of historic park provides landscape setting to shoreline development to south.
These lands are also designated as a Historic Park, Garden and Demesne under Proposal COU 7 in Volume 1 of the Plan.

LLPA 2 Donaghadee Parish Church, Moat Farm and surrounding lands

  • listed church and surrounding graveyard and grounds comprising its setting;
  • church occupies prominent position with its spire towering above buildings on Moat Street and is an important townscape feature;
  • archaeological interest – the modern church sits on the site of an earlier medieval church;
  • important tree groups surrounding church read with the significant numbers of trees and wooded character of this part of the town which is historically connected to the Manor House;
  • listed farm buildings and surrounding stone barns, farm complex and mature trees and vegetation to rear protected by Tree Preservation Order;
  • prominent landform and localised hill – Scott’s Hill adjoins development limit; and
  • important belt of mature trees bordering Newtownards Road is significant in landscape terms and forms a good entrance feature into the town.

LLPA 3 Water Tower and associated land

  • listed water tower is prominent local landmark;
  • immediate surroundings of water tower currently maintained as a landscaped public open space with children’s playground and footpaths; and
  • affords panoramic and uninterrupted views over the town and coast from the base of the tower.

LLPA 4 Croagh Patrick Nursing Home, St Patrick’s Graveyard, standing stone and associated vegetation

  • archaeological interest – site of church, graveyard and holy well – Templepatrick and St Patrick’s well plus standing stone on small headland;
  • important tree groups surrounding nursing home are an important local landscape and visual feature viewed from the town to the north; and
  • undeveloped stretch of coastline and small bay and foreshore enclosed by the town to the north and the headland to the south forms an attractive area of local amenity and tourist importance.

LLPA 5 Donaghadee Motte

  • scheduled historic monument – motte/earthworks erected by Anglo-Norman settlers;
  • listed tower in style of a small castle on top of motte is a prominent local landmark and townscape feature and its setting comprises the scheduled area;
  • dramatic feature on skyline viewed from the sea and within the town; and
  • public access to area maintained as open space.

LLPA 6 Listed buildings and gardens

  • series of associated listed buildings and their surroundings;
  • listed Manor House and adjoining outbuildings onto High Street;
  • original stone walled garden of listed Manor House with castellated entrance still in productive use;
  • two listed dwellings onto High Street with landscaped garden adjoining – a surviving remnant of the larger landscaped gardens of Manor House which linked High Street with Cannyreagh Road and beyond;
  • listed Baptist Church (formerly Admiral Leslie Hall) and its grounds; and
  • church sits elevated above Manor Street with significant bank with mature trees along the north western boundary.
Manor House and its walled garden within this LLPA are also designated as part of a Historic Park, Garden and Demesne (supplementary site) under Proposal DE 18.
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