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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Ards Borough: Donaghadee Commerce

Donaghadee provides a range of the Borough’s retail floorspace in a compact town centre with retail and office activity focused mainly on High Street, New Street and Bridge Street. There is a limited variety and mix of shops and services and the central area currently exhibits a number of vacant units. Town Centre shops are generally small in size and are independently owned with the exception of a medium sized supermarket.
Approximately half of the retail units are services such as restaurants and public houses. The small number of offices includes two banks and a solicitor’s office. There are also a significant number of dwellings and residential uses above shops within the defined Town Centre.
The Town Centre Health Check carried out as part of the Plan process shows that there has been little change in the level of retail activity in Donaghadee in the period 1984-1999.
There are currently opportunities for new retail activity within the Town Centre, for example in High Street, Bridge Street and Shore Street, where there are a number of vacant retail units that have the potential to be refurbished or redeveloped. The land to the rear of some High Street properties may also present opportunities for development
Proposal DE 22 Town Centre
A Town Centre is designated for Donaghadee as indicated on Map Nos. 2/004a, Donaghadee Settlement Map and 2/004d, Donaghadee Town Centre Map.
The Town Centre indicated in this Plan is less extensive than that contained in the North Down and Ards Area Plan 1984-1995. The purpose of the reduced area is to focus additional development into a more compact area to enhance convenience and so encourage greater vitality in the shopping area.
Diversity of use contributes to the vitality and viability of town centres. Office uses situated above ground-floor shops can make positive use of upper floor accommodation and will be encouraged in the Town Centre. Office developments can also help to revitalise areas where the retail function has declined.
Continuity of shopping frontage enhances accessibility and contributes to the sense of vitality in the main shopping area. Some office uses, such as banking and professional services are convenient in the shopping environment but their proliferation at street level within retail frontages can displace significant amounts of retail floorspace, reducing shopper activity and the commercial viability of the main shopping area.
Proposal DE 23 Development Opportunity Sites
The following Development Opportunity Sites are designated in accordance with Policy SETT 3 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/004d, Donaghadee Town Centre Map.
Opportunity Sites have been identified, the development of which would further promote the vitality and viability of Donaghadee Town Centre. These comprise a mixture of under-utilized and vacant sites, some of which were previously used by local government. Due to the density of building and the configuration of streets within the Town Centre the number of opportunity sites is limited, but the potential exists for re-development or replacement of some existing buildings.
Development proposals within the Conservation Area will be required to comply with the guidelines contained in the Donaghadee Conservation Area booklet.
  • High Street
On the site at present is the former Town Hall, a three storey five bay listed building and a yard area, which is currently used as storage by the Borough Council. This building dominates the central area of High Street. Any development of the site would be required to respect the status of the listed building and the Conservation Area.
  • Church Square
This is a small area of under used land lying behind High Street and accessed by Church Lane.
  • Railway Street
The site is to the east of Railway Street and is currently in use as a car park . This is under-used and is also close to another large car park to the south. Railway Street is a run down area of the town. The introduction of a commercial/residential development would extent the retail floorspace within the town and bring life to this part of Donaghadee.
Proposal DE 24 Town Centre Housing
The following areas of Town Centre Housing are designated in accordance with Policy HOU 3 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/004d, Donaghadee Town Centre Map:
  • Part of Moat Street
  • Union Street
  • Schoolhouse Brae
  • Part of Shore Street
These areas provide a valuable housing stock and are home to established communities which contribute to the variety and vitality of life in the Town Centre.
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