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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Ards Borough: Comber Housing (Page 1 of 3)

It is considered that an additional 1700 housing units will be required in Comber over the Plan period in line with its role as a local hub as described in the RDS and its strategic role in meeting planned expansion related to the Belfast Metropolitan Area.
Approximately 68 hectares of housing land has been identified in accordance with Policy SETT 1 and HOU 1 in Volume 1 of the Plan.
These lands will be developed in accordance with all prevailing regional planning policy on housing and with the relevant policies of the Plan. Sites have been selected to ensure minimum impact on the environment.
In addition, key design considerations are provided for each site in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS 7): Quality Residential Environments, which should be taken into account in the preparation of development proposals. These key design considerations may include infrastructure requirements and/or requirements for local neighbourhood facilities. A map is provided for one of the larger sites to illustrate the area which the Concept Master Plan or indicative concept plan required under PPS 7 should cover, to enable the comprehensive development of zoned housing lands. Housing lands are indicated on Map No. 2/003a, Comber Settlement Map.
Proposal CR 02 0.95 Hectares at the Rear of Comber Mill
Key Design Considerations:
  • a minimum development density of 30 dwellings per hectare;
  • satisfactory form of access to be provided onto the Comber Bypass;
  • design and layout of the proposed dwellings to reflect that of the site context in particular the existing dwellings along Lime Grove and Railway Street; and
  • existing trees and vegetation shall be retained and enhanced throughout the site.
Proposal CR 03 Other Housing Sites
Lands identified for housing include the following sites approved for housing and developed since preparation of the Plan commenced:
  1. 1.77 Hectares at Laburnum Way and South of Laburnum Way
  2. 3.34 Hectares at Carnesure Manor
  3. 0.29 Hectares at Lands between 47-69 Railway Street and 52-82 Brownlow Street
  4. 1.55 Hectares at Moorfield
  5. 0.61 Hectares at Old Mill Race
  6. 0.52 Hectares at Old Albion Clothing factory, Castle Lane
  7. 0.19 Hectares at 5-15 Mill Street
  8. 0.27 Hectares at 12-26 Castle Street
  9. 0.65 Hectares at Comber Distillery
  10. 2.28 Hectares at Comber Mill
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