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Housing Land Availability Summary Reports

These reports show housing land availability together with the extent of housing development for settlements, as designated in Development Plans, across Northern Ireland.
Their purpose is to: -
  • monitor the course of  housing development in settlements with regard to the Regional Development Strategy (RDS);
  • monitor progress of housing development in settlements in accordance with the provisions of prevailing Development Plans;
  • inform the preparation of Development Plans with regard to the allocation of land for housing; and,
  • provide information on the available potential for further housing development in settlements.
The Summary Report comprises tabular information extracted from Housing Monitor data compiled by Area Plan Offices (APOs) within the Local Planning division (LPD) of DOE and with the assistance of Land and Property Services.
It should be noted that the Housing Monitor methodology has evolved and improved since its inception. This will in some instances affect direct comparison with the infomation from previous years.

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