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Larne Area Plan 2010
Waste Disposal: Policies and Proposals


The Department in dealing with applications for planning permission for waste management facilities, will take into account any relevant provisions of the Council's Waste Management Strategy.


Planning permission will not normally be granted for the disposal of waste materials within the Antrim Coast and Glens A.O.N.B. Exceptionally, permission may be granted for landfilling or landraising projects involving the use of clay, sub-soil or other inert materials (i.e. wastes which will not decompose to release pollutants) that are specifically intended to facilitate the reinstatement of quarries or improve land of low agricultural quality. An important consideration in this regard is that proposals will have to be compatible with any relevant nature conservation interests. Where permission is granted conditions will be imposed to control the visual appearance, height, shape and reinstatement of the new landform created.
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