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Larne Area Plan 2010
Drainage: Policies and Proposals


Development will not normally be permitted in areas known to be at serious risk from flooding, coastal erosion or land instability.
Within Larne Borough there are no extensive areas of land subject to flooding from a major watercourse. However there are a number of localised flooding problems of varying significance, in particular at Drains Bay, Ballygalley, Millbrook and Ballycarry (see Ballycarry Village Statement). Storm water within areas zoned for development in the Plan can generally be accommodated by existing watercourse systems, subject to the approval of discharge points.
It is assumed that where improvement works are necessary to watercourses within or forming a boundary to development sites, such improvement works necessary to facilitate storm run-off and enhance protection against flooding will be undertaken by developers themselves. Also in low-lying areas where waterlogging or flooding have been identified as being a problem, development levels will be set accordingly, following consultation with Rivers Agency at planning application stage.


Where a designated watercourse runs adjacent to or through a development site the Department will require the provision of a 5 m wide working strip along at least one bank of the watercourse. The Department will monitor all new development proposals to ensure that storm water run off can be adequately catered for and does not compound existing flooding problems.
It is considered important that access for maintenance purposes is retained to designated watercourses in order to reduce the risk of flooding within or adjacent to adjoining lands. In addition the risk of flooding can be increased by development within the catchment area of a watercourse. Consequently the monitoring of all new development with respect to potential flooding problems is important.
Where undesignated watercourses are to be left open through or adjacent to development, it is highly desirable that some provision be made for access to at least one bank for future maintenance by riparians.
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