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Transportation: Regional Policy Context

The Department's strategy for transportation is currently set out in the document “Transportation in Northern Ireland – The Way Forward” issued in October 1995.1 Its overall aims are to reduce where possible the need to travel, to encourage the use of alternatives to the private car and to provide an efficient, safe and accessible transportation system which offers better choice and reliability for all its users.
In addition the Department's regional development control policies in respect of transportation matters which will apply in Larne Borough are currently set out in PPS 3 “Development Control: Roads Considerations” published in May 1996. The PPS sets out those matters which will be taken into account in determining planning applications involving development which affects the public road network and road safety. It includes policy on seeking contributions from developers for roads infrastructure works necessitated by such developments.
The Department's “Layout of Housing Roads - Design Guide” provides the guidelines which are currently applied in consideration of road layouts and related matters in proposed housing areas. This is currently under review and its replacement “New Residential Developments – Overall Design Character and Requirements for Access and Parking” was issued as a Consultation Draft in March 1997.
(1) "Transportation in Northern Ireland - The Way Forward" 1995
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