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Larne Area Plan 2010
Recreation/Open Space Policies and Proposals


A site of 3 hectares of land is zoned for open space in Larne Town. 5.50 hectares of land is zoned for open space in Ballycarry.
The land zoned for recreation/open space use has been the subject of close consultation with Larne Borough Council who have the statutory responsibility for recreation provision. The land zoned is intended to cater for future recreation/open space demands. In addition proposals which would result in the loss of existing areas of public or private open space will normally be resisted.
Large scale recreational pursuits which rely primarily on the use of open land, such as golf courses, will in normal circumstances be approved in appropriate rural locations. The Department will also require the inclusion of open space as necessary in new housing areas (See Policy H5)


The Department will normally give favourable consideration to the provision of more recreational pathways both in the urban area and to facilitate access to the countryside, including the retention where possible of existing rights of way.
It is proposed by Larne Borough Council to develop a footpath link from Larne Town Centre area along the valley of the Larne River and to develop pathway links from Linn Glen into the Antrim Coast and Glens A.O.N.B. to the north of Larne. Additional town/country pathways will be encouraged when opportunities arise.
It should be noted that rights of way represent an opportunity in this respect. In consultation with Larne Borough Council the Department will seek to ensure that public rights of way are not obstructed or destroyed by new development.
The reinstatement of the cliff walkway at the Gobbins is a major proposal which will be supported by the Department, subject to the protection of nature conservation interests.


The Department will normally give favourable consideration to the provision of water based recreational facilities where such development would not have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of the area or lead to water pollution.
Proposals for the development of water based recreation facilities will be given favourable consideration subject to amenity considerations and pollution control measures being acceptable. The Department proposes to redevelop the old harbour at Glenarm in conjunction with Larne Borough Council (see Glenarm Village Proposals). This proposal is part of a larger scheme involving the redevelopment of the old limestone workings in the village and represents a major tourist/recreation opportunity which is supported by the Department.


The Department will normally give favourable consideration to the provision of both informal and formal open space within the urban area of the Borough and where appropriate in suitable rural locations.
This policy will require developers to provide an element of informal open space within new housing layouts which the Borough Council will adopt and maintain subject to satisfactory provision. (See Policy H 5) In addition, the Department will look favourably on proposals for open space/recreational uses requiring open land in the rural area, such as country parks.
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