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Larne Area Plan 2010
Appendix 1: Nature Conservation Sites (Page 3 of 3)

Site Map Ref Location Description
Geology con't 69 McIlroys Port Shore / cliff. Basalts with small vent and composite flow. Mineralogical importance. Raised beach features.
70 Browns Bay Shore. Poorly accreting foredunes on beach. Rare in area.
71 Ferris Bay - Barrs Point Shore. Ropey basalt surfaces with spatter cone. Raised beach features.
72 Barneys Point Shore. Fossiliferous Lias clay.
73 Redhall Estate.
Dolerite sill. Ravine through
74 Magheramourne dump Shoreline. Fossiliferous recent estuarine clays.
75 Magheramourne Quarry Quarry. Section through Lower Basalt and Chalk. Mineralogical interest.
76 Glynn Hill Hill. Basalt varities. Mineralogical interest.
77 Banks Quay Shore. Beach rich in fossil crinoids washed ashore from submerged lias outcrop.
78 Curran Point Shore. Recent raised spit.
79 Waterloo Shore / Cliff. Outstanding Mesozoic sequence - fossil locality.
80 Camels Hump Shoreline. Richly fossiliferous locality.
81 Ballygalley Head Cliff. Dolerite plug with jointing and marginal chalky agglomerate.
82 Ballygalley Shore Shore. Fossiliferous Lias clay.
83 Minnis Shore / cliff. Fossiliferous Lias clay. Recent landslip.
84 Minnis - Glenarm section Cliff. Section through chalk and claywith- flints. Paleo-Karst features. Mineralogical interest.
85 Straidkilly Shore. Fossiliferous Lias clay.
86 Glencloy Beach / fields. Raised beach deposits.
87 Carnlough Shore. Late glacial sequence.
88 Garron Headland Headland. Landslip feature and block fields.
89 Garron Point Shore. Glenarm chalk member - type locality.
90 Garron Point Shore. Galboly - Cloghstucan chalk member - type locality.
91 Garron Point Shore. Richly fossiliferous Lias clay.
92 Scawt Hill Cliff / Hill. Dolerite plug. Chalk contact produced many rare and new skarn type minerals.
93 Sallagh Braes Cliff. Natural basalt amphitheatre.
94 Agnews Hill Cliff / Hill. Unusual basalt types.
95 Rory's Glen Ravine. Historical record of large cave.
96 Glenoe Ravine. Waterfalls.
97 Carneal River. Dolerite plug. Mineralogical interest.
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