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Larne Area Plan 2010
Appendix 1: Nature Conservation Sites (Page 2 of 3)

Site Map Ref Location Description
Lakes 45 Loughnatrosk 3.5 ha Mid-altitude, nutrient poor, rocky stoney and silty sediments (Type 8)
46 Loughnabrick 1.25 ha Upland (>200m), large, with deep, rocky and stony basins. Notable plant species (Type 3).
47 Craigfad Lough 1.0 ha Bryophyte lakes, upland, base poor. Generally small, in peat and cut to the underlying acidic rock (Type 1).
48 Glynn Lagoon Algae lakes, mainly man-made. Brackish lagoons are a priority habitat under EC legislation (Type 5).
Woodland 49 Doonan Leap Ground flora typical of Antrim basalts. Species rich with 2 notable species. Amenity value.
50 Drumnasole Largest semi-natural wood in Co. Antrim. Hazelwood on a steep basalt escarpment.
51 Deer Park Woods (Glenarm / Mill Bridge / Linford Water) Good range of woodland types. Several rare plant species. High landscape value.
52 Glynn North Wood High landscape value. Semi-natural woodland on a steep basalt excarpment.
53 Glynn River Valley Hazelwood on a steep sided valley.
54 Glynn Hill High landscape value.
55 Carnfunnock High landscape value.
56 Fort Hill Well developed Ash / Beech woodland. High landscape value.
57 Craiganee High landscape value.
58 Sugar Loaf High landscape value.
59 Glenoe Ashwood (Alias Ballywillin Wood) Ornithological potential appears high. High landscape value.
60 Mackeystown May have landscape value.
61 Red Hall May have landscape value.
Coastal 62 Ringfad Potentially high species diversity. Unusual shore type for East Antrim. Low peninsula of boulders on gravel and stones.
63 Barney's Point Unusual community, dominated by a species of sponge. Indicative of currents of turbid water.
64 Gobbins Caves Caves are a relatively uncommon habitat along the Northern Ireland coast.
Geology 65 Cloghfin Port Shore. Outstanding Mesozoic sequence - Fossil locality.
66 Gobbins Sea Cliff. Tertiary lava series - mineralogical importance.
67 South Portmuck Shore. Dolerite dyke metamorphic reaction with chalk. Lag tombolo gravel ridge.
68 Portmuck Shore. Excellent sequence through Hibernian Greensands.
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