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Larne Area Plan 2010
Appendix 1: Designated Nature Conservation Sites

Site A.S.S.I S.P.A S.A.C Ramsar A.S.I N.N.R Description
Gortnagory Yes No No No No No Colony of Nationally rare orchid, Irish Lady's Tresses (Spiranthes romanzoffiana ) at its only high altitude site in Northern Ireland.
Garron Plateau Yes No Yes No No No Successional sequence of olivine basalt's and hyaloclastite. Presence of picrite-dolerite plug. Extensive oceanic blanket bog with upland oligotrophic lakes. Many rare plant species. Upland breeding birds.
Scawt Hill Yes No No No part of No Geology
Scart Hill & Sallagh Brae's No No No No Yes No Upland grassland habitats with rare plant species. Geological interest includes a dolerite plug and a magnificent amphitheatre with lava flows displayed.
Waterloo Yes No No No No No Outstanding Mesozoic sequence - fossil locality.
Larne Lough Yes Yes No Yes No No Nationally significant for some species of wildfowl.
Black Burn Yes No No No No No Karst development in Cretaceous chalk. Cave system with horizontal passages. Unique in Northern Ireland.
Straidkilly Wood Yes No No No No No NNR
Straidkilly No No No No part of Yes Hazelwood developed on very steep east facing slope. Excellent spring ground flora.
Swan Island No Yes No No No Yes Nesting sites for terns. Owned by D.O.E. (NI) and managed by RSPB.
Ballycarry No No No No Yes No Bird santuary; important for feeding/roosting/waders and wildfowl. Extensive salt marsh.
Carnlough No No No No Yes No Exceptional geomorphological interest displaying phases of post glacial activity.
Islandmagee No No No No Yes No Geological interest; Trias to Cretaceous sequence exposed at Blackhead. Excellent cliffs sections through Lower Basalts.
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