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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: PU 1 New Road Schemes

PU 1 New Road Schemes
The Department will facilitate traffic movement and development in Fermanagh by the provision of new roads and road improvements as resources permit.
Gaol Square Roundabout Enniskillen
The Enniskillen/Irvinestown/Omagh Road is of strategic importance to the District and the region. The Roads Service proposes improvements to this route through a series of improvement schemes with the objective of increasing the standard of safety and convenience.
Two road schemes are currently proposed in Enniskillen; the Cherrymount Link Road and the Derrychara Development Road (see RD1 and RD2 of the Enniskillen Proposals Section).
Minor Road Improvement Schemes and Traffic Management Works will be undertaken throughout the Plan period to address local problems including road widening, footway provision and junction improvements. Each year Roads Service consult Fermanagh District Council in order to assess and prioritise schemes before drawing up the programme of work to be implemented the following year. While Roads Service will continue to monitor and identify local problems this process of consultation provides the opportunity for the local community to make representation regarding the need for specific road problems in their area to be addressed. The Roads Service will take appropriate measures, including landscaping, to minimise the impact of all new road schemes.
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