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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Public Utilities (Continued)

Where a designated watercourse runs adjacent to or through a development site, a 5m wide working strip is required at least along one bank to facilitate maintenance. Such provision is also desirable along undesignated watercourses.
Fermanagh District Council undertake the collection and disposal of household waste in the District and ensure that arrangements made by the Council and other persons for the disposal of controlled waste are adequate for the purpose. At present civic amenity sites for the disposal of household waste are located in or adjacent to most large villages and the Department will assess proposals for new sites as and when the need arises. For the foreseeable future, it is envisaged that waste materials will continue to be disposed of by the process of landfilling or landraising. The District Council are currently in the process of securing a suitable replacement for the existing Council-owned waste disposal site at Glasmullagh, which is nearing completion and is the only one in the District licensed for the disposal of household waste.
The establishment of a modern engineered waste disposal site requires consideration of a wide range of planning and environmental issues. Applicants are responsible for selecting the sites of particular projects but the Department's Agencies will assist in identifying the significant environmental issues to be taken into account in site selection. This may involve identifying areas where such a use will be unacceptable. A waste disposal licence may not be issued unless Water Act Discharge Consent and planning permission has been granted.
Northern Ireland Electricity is the principal supplier of electricity services in Fermanagh and telecommunications provision is mainly the responsibility of British Telecom. The Department will seek to ensure that proposals for new telecommunications apparatus do not detract from the natural or man-made environment.
It is Government policy to require developers to bear all or part of additional infrastructure costs. This policy applies to both public and private sector developments. Where appropriate, planning agreements under Article 40 of the Planning (NI) Order 1991 may be used to enable development to proceed.


  • To facilitate the safe and convenient movement of traffic and pedestrians by the appropriate development of the local road network
  • To facilitate the development of Enniskillen, St Angelo as a regional Public Utilities airport to the economic benefit of Fermanagh
  • To ensure that new facilities where provided are designed to a high standard and in an environmentally sensitive manner.
The Department's Strategic and Regional Planning Policies for Public Utilities are currently contained in "A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland" published in September 1993.
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