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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: Villages

Fermanagh has a large number of small and medium sized settlements scattered throughout the rural area, 39 of which have been identified as villages. These are:
Limits of development have been defined for each village so as to allow for properly structured growth, to protect their characters and limit ribbon development and urban sprawl in the surrounding open countryside. The villages vary greatly in size, form and function and the limits have been defined following an appraisal of the constraints and opportunities for development in each village, an evaluation of environmental issues, physical features, degree and nature of development pressure and availability of services. (Further details are contained in the Countryside Assessment Supplement). Consultation has also been carried out with statutory agencies, community groups and Fermanagh District Council. Limits of development provide guidance and a degree of certainty for the private developer and assist public agencies in decisions concerning possible infrastructural improvements.
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