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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base:H5 Retention of Vernacular Dwellings

H5 Retention of Vernacular Dwellings
The potential to incorporate an existing dwelling into a new scheme will be assessed when a replacement dwelling is proposed.
Fermanagh has a large number of older dwellings which display local traditions of siting and design. Many of these dwellings are now vacant but could be capable of occupation with minor renovation. (See Plan Policy H4.)
However some older dwellings are not suitable for renovation and where a replacement is approved, the Planning Service will not necessarily require the demolition of the existing dwelling if it is worthy of retention and can reasonably be incorporated into the new development, e.g. as a garage or an outbuilding. This would not only retain a visual link with the past but may also help in integrating the new dwelling more easily with its surroundings.
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