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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: H3 Open Space in Housing Areas

H3 Open Space in Housing Areas
The Department will require as necessary the provision of manageable areas of incidental open space suitable for informal amenity and play use within new housing developments.
It is important to ensure that adequate open space is made available within larger housing areas. Land has not been specifically zoned for this purpose so as not to restrict unduly the design of future housing layouts, however, provision of open space should be incorporated within the overall scheme at an early stage in the design. The Planning Service, in consultation with Fermanagh District Council, will assess all planning applications for housing estate development and determine whether such open space areas are required. In assessing the need for, and size of, such areas the Planning Service and the District Council will take into consideration the location, the overall size and density of development proposed, together with garden size and the accessibility of the development to any nearby play spaces. Any site to be provided should be adequately drained and grassed before being transferred to the Council normally at agricultural value.
To ensure the provision, future maintenance and management of the above areas developers will normally be asked to enter into planning agreements with the Department and acquisition agreements with Fermanagh District Council before planning permission is forthcoming.
In certain cases, woodland areas or archaeological sites or monuments are located adjacent to or within land which may be developed for housing. In these circumstances such features should normally be integrated as open space within the overall layout of the proposal. The setting of archaeological sites and monuments should also be respected in any proposal.
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