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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: H2 Housing Layout

H2 Housing Layout
The Department will require high standards of design and layout in all new housing developments and have regard to the following:
  1. The scale and density of the proposed scheme, which should be appropriate to the location and the site given its context and characteristics, including topography, landscape and other site features, including archaeological sites and monuments.
  2. The layout, which should contribute to townscape and provide for the privacy and residential amenity of both existing and prospective occupiers, normally including a minimum rear garden of 10 metres.
  3. House type and design
  4. Landscaping proposals, which should include the retention of 3t existing vegetation worthy of protection (see also plan policies Nat Env 4 and Man Env 3) and appropriate planting and boundary treatments, particularly to the site frontage.
  5. The provision of satisfactory arrangements for access, roads layout, pedestrian linkages, car parking, sewerage and drainage.
  6. The provision of open space (see also plan policy H3).
Over the last decade or so a greater awareness of design in housing schemes has become apparent both from developers and the public. Indeed good housing layout and design is increasingly demanded by prospective house purchasers and occupiers and so it is in the house builder's interest to produce a higher standard of design and landscaping in all new housing developments. With this in mind the Department will expect house builders to respond with layouts which respect the characteristics of individual sites and create attractive new environments.
The Planning Service will therefore encourage varied and interesting housing layouts incorporating a range of house types and densities, with good standards of landscaping, open space as necessary, pedestrian links to open space and amenity areas where appropriate, and to existing public footways. Within larger housing developments, certain non-residential ancillary uses, such as small shops or social and community facilities may be acceptable. The Planning Service will however expect such uses to be indicated as part of the overall planned layout and will protect the overall residential character of housing areas. All new housing areas should be developed in depth and in a comprehensive rather than a piecemeal fashion.  The Planning Service will also assess the need for access to be provided to any adjoining land in order to safeguard future development potential.
Densities for particular housing areas have not generally been specified but in all cases account should be taken of the character and density of adjoining development. Site characteristics and the need to preserve existing site features and vegetation where appropriate will also influence development densities. The over development of restricted sites will not be acceptable.
Roads within housing areas will require approval under the Private Streets (NI) Order 1980.The Department's "Layout of Housing Roads - Design Guide" (1988) provides the guidelines which will be applied in consideration of road layouts and related matters for proposed housing areas. Such roads will be adopted and subsequently maintained by the Department upon satisfactory completion.
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