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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: R2 Land Zoned For Community Needs

R2 Land Zoned For Community Needs
8.2ha of land is zoned for Community Needs in Enniskillen
Land has been allocated in consultation with the Western Health and Social Service Board and other community users to meet the anticipated needs of the community in Enniskillen, having regard to ongoing development proposals. The Department is confident that the flexibility of the Plan is such that any need for future sites for such uses can be accommodated during the Plan period. The Proposals Section for Enniskillen contains guidance for the development of this site. In addition to the land zoned, small scale community uses may be acceptable within zoned housing areas in towns, or on white land in villages subject to normal planning and environmental considerations. Certain community uses may also be appropriate in dispersed rural communities (see Plan Policy S5).There are various other community uses which occur in the countryside including schools, churches and halls and new proposals for such uses will be considered on their merits.
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