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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Environment: Nat Env 4 Trees

Nat Env 4 Trees
The Department will promote measures which will protect and enhance the existing tree cover of Fermanagh.
Part of the distinctive landscape character of Fermanagh is the extent and variety of tree over. Trees make an important contribution to visual amenity, help development to integrate with the landscape and support wildlife habitats. Tree plantations set in the grounds or demesnes of country houses are characteristic of the Fermanagh landscape. Trees in settlements also contribute to visual amenity and may be affected by development. Significant groups or avenues of trees in towns and villages have been designated as Local Landscape Policy Areas (see Plan Policy Man Env 3).The Planning Service will also initiate a programme of Tree Preservation Orders in Fermanagh to protect trees which make a particular contribution to visual amenity. Priority will be given to those trees in settlements which may be under threat from development. The Planning Service will encourage the implementation of appropriate planting schemes by the District Council, voluntary organisations such as the Conservation Volunteers (NI) and individuals to supplement, enhance and/or replace existing vegetation.
Landscaping schemes should normally accompany all planning applications to assist in the integration of new development with its surroundings and to supplement, enhance or replace existing vegetation.
As a general rule, the Planning Service would encourage the carrying out of advance planting schemes that could mature in the fullness of time before the start date for envisaged new development. Properly planned schemes will, on maturity, almost invariably increase the capacity of a particular landscape to absorb development and improve considerably the likelihood of satisfactory visual integration. Advice and potential grant aid on planting schemes in rural areas is available from the Department of Natural Environment Agriculture. Planning Service would also be happy to advise on how early planting schemes could ultimately improve the capacity of a particular local landscape to absorb development, well in advance of the submission of a planning application.
In new housing developments design layouts must take account of vegetation to be retained. The Planning Service will normally seek to ensure that development is kept outside the falling distance of mature trees considered worthy of protection and will not damage tree root systems or their hydrological cycles. Approvals will be conditioned to ensure adequate protection measures are taken for trees scheduled to be retained, prior to and during the course of construction work.
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