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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: Zone 8 Tully

The historic demesnes of Castle Hume and Ely Lodge already accommodate tourism and recreational uses and any further development proposals should continue to respect and reflect their historic landscape character.
The shoreline of this zone is largely open to extensive stretches of Lower Lough Erne. There is potential for appropriate new tourism development which is sensitive to the landscape character, nature conservation and the man-made heritage interest.
There are few well screened shoreline areas and background slopes are often steep and open. Woodland adjacent to the shore is limited in extent and valuable in landscape terms. Potential for development is thus limited and only small scale shoreline development could be accommodated without detriment to the local character of the area. Any proposals for development close to the Lough shore must respect the narrow fringe of shoreline vegetation. A number of sites have been developed in this zone and the cumulative effect of further development will be taken into account in the consideration of further proposals.
Passing boat traffic is distant and at present there is little or no conflict with fishing activity and other quiet enjoyment of the Lough shores. Inland there is potential for development provided the character, siting and scale relate to the drumlin landscape and the existing small scale field and settlement patterns. Wooded slopes could provide an attractive background provided sensitivity is applied in siting of new development. Sites prominent from the lough would not be suitable for development.
A principal landmark in this zone is Tully Castle which is a monument in State Care. Any development must not detract from the setting of this monument.
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