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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: Zone 4 Knockninny

This zone has potential for appropriate development which respects the sensitivity of the landscape and conservation interests. Carrybridge is currently the main tourism centre on the Upper Lough with a hotel, boat yard and picnic area/car park. There is potential for expansion of these facilities to consolidate the tourism role of the village.
Elsewhere in the zone sites with sufficient landscape and/or woodland backing are capable of facilitating development of a reasonable scale. Road access and other service facilities should either exist or be capable of being accommodated without any significant adverse impact. Many shoreline areas are however soft, have nature conservation interest and are backed by fragile small scale landscapes. Generally these areas have little or no road infrastructure and development, other than of a very small scale, is likely to be detrimental to their scenic quality, special character and interest.
The extensive area of open water on Upper Lough Erne within this zone already accommodates a significant volume of cruiser traffic and has the potential to facilitate some other recreational pursuits.
Inland throughout the zone, potential for tourism or recreational development is limited by the traditional small scale character of the drumlin landscapes, but where there is more enclosure or the scale of the landscape becomes larger due to higher drumlins, larger fields or larger areas of woodland or parkland, there may be potential for new development or for limited expansion at existing sites. The historic demesne at Belle Isle will be protected from inappropriate development.
On Knockninny Hill development potential is limited by exposure and the nature conservation interest of the woodlands and limestone grasslands and a number of archaeological sites. There may be potential for accommodating appropriate development in secluded areas and at Aghakillymaud, a designated Dispersed Rural Community, where development which relates to its traditional character could possibly be integrated.
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