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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: Zone 12 Boa Island/Kesh

This zone already has much small scale development and some of a larger scale and the Lough is used for a wide range of water based recreational activity. Existing developments include; Lusty Beg Island with its chalet development, restaurant and conference centre, the marina, picnic area and amenity site at Muckross, the caravan park and water sports centre at Drumrush and the hire cruiser base at Aghinver. There may be scope to consolidate or expand existing developments subject to an assessment of visual impact and an appraisal of possible effects on nature conservation interest.
The village of Kesh has potential for additional tourism development which would enhance its attraction to visitors. The village is accessible from Lough Erne via the Kesh River and development should conserve the rural character of the landscape along the river approach to the village as well as its overall setting.
There is potential to restore traditional buildings for tourism use, particularly those which are part of older settlement patterns, e.g. the clachans on Boa Island.
On the shores of the Lough development potential varies and depends on factors such as slope, screening, nature conservation interest, man-made heritage and road access. Seminatural shoreline woodlands should be conserved and, where possible, enhanced and any small scale development adjacent to these woodlands should provide for their protection. The open landscape of some shorelines will limit their development potential.
The offshore islands are of particular importance for wildlife and are vulnerable to disturbance. North of Boa Island the Lough is not accessible to larger boats but small scale fishing facilities may be acceptable provided the quiet, undisturbed nature of this area is retained.
Given the amount of existing tourism and recreational development within this zone the cumulative effect of any new proposals will be a major consideration in determining planning applications.
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