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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: Zone 7 Castlehume/Ely

The large scale landscape character of this zone provides opportunities for tourism and recreational development in a few well selected areas.
Development close to the Lough shore could benefit from screening provided by the wooded islands, the promontories, the largely unspoilt shoreline woodland, and/or the extensive backdrop of wooded and afforested areas inland.
Open shoreline areas without easy access to deeper waters are less suitable for development. In some enclosed bays, particularly where there are soft shorelines and shallow waters, potential for development is limited. There may be some scope for development provided it is sensitively sited and of an appropriate scale and character.
Inland, the nature and extent of woodland and forestry would suggest potential for larger scale development. Sites close to existing infrastructure yet largely enclosed by coniferous forestry would probably be most acceptable. Elsewhere in the countryside development potential should relate to the existing large houses of character, their courtyards and gate lodges. The large scale landscape character of the area should be conserved as should the inland loughs.
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