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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: Indcom 1 Zoned Industrial Land: Towns

Indcom 1 Zoned Industrial Land: Towns
56.4ha of land is zoned for industrial and 18.3ha for mixed business purposes in Enniskillen
8.6ha of land is zoned for industrial purposes in Lisnaskea
10.3ha of 1and is zoned for industrial purposes in Irvinestown
Proposals for large scale industrial uses will normally be accommodated in Enniskillen, Lisnaskea or Irvinestown. Land is therefore allocated in these towns for industrial purposes to ensure adequate areas are available to meet industrial needs.The policy of the Industrial Development Board for Northern Ireland is to hold land in the principal town in each District for development by IDB or LEDU supported companies. Therefore in zoning land for industrial purposes in Enniskillen the Department has consulted IDB with regard to its specific needs.The proposed industrial areas are generally free from major constraints. Land is also allocated for mixed business purposes in Enniskillen as this is the business and commercial centre of Fermanagh and has the greatest demand for such uses. In the Proposals section for Enniskillen, Lisnaskea and Irvinestown, the individual sites are listed together with the relevant planning criteria for their satisfactory development.
In addition to zoned land there are sites which may have the potential to be developed for industrial or "quasi-industrial" purposes but which have not been zoned.These include small scale pockets of land, areas which have possible infrastructural constraints or existing vacant industrial or commercial premises which could readily be re-used or redeveloped. Applications for industrial use on these sites will be judged on their individual merits.The Department will also seek to ensure that land currently or last used for industrial or business purposes will be retained for such uses.
The Department will require that all industrial and commercial development is carried out to the highest standard so that, as far as possible, it makes a positive contribution to the environment and the locality.All proposals will therefore be required to include landscaping schemes to create more attractive environments, provide buffer zones and to help visually screen development from any nearby residential areas.In addition the Department will encourage the environmental improvement, as appropriate, of existing industrial estates, and other industrial and commercial developments.
In considering applications for new industrial development the nature of the process together with the potential pollution impact will be assessed.Where consent for discharge is required under the Water Act (Northern Ireland) 1972, the existing water quality will be a major consideration.
It is also recognised that there may be an unforeseen major inward investment proposal during the life of the Plan. In such a case the Department will identify a suitable site to accommodate such development, where zoned industrial lands are insufficient.This may involve alterations to the Plan and appropriate procedures will be invoked if necessary.
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