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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Proposals: Enniskillen Recreation/Open Space Zonings

R1 Coleshill - The District Council proposes playing field facilities at this 3.2ha site to serve the west of Enniskillen. It adjoins the Local Landscape Policy Area around Lough Galliagh and will help act as a buffer between existing housing at Coleshill and proposed housing at Drumlyon.
R2 The Round 'O' -1 .2ha .The area should be developed in conjunction with the adjoining existing public amenity facilities to provide recreation and tourist related facilities either by the public, or the private sector, or as a joint venture between both sectors.
R3 Henry Street - a 1 .8ha site which commands magnificent views across the Erne to Enniskillen Castle, Castle Island and beyond. Whilst a small part of this area has been developed by the District Council as a picnic area, much of the site is currently in a run-down state and development by the Council for open space purposes would environmentally upgrade the area. Only small scale ancillary buildings, perhaps related to river activity, will be acceptable here to ensure the setting and important public aspect of and from Enniskillen Castle, a monument in State Care, is maintained. For this reason it is likely that any buildings will be sited along the southern boundary of the site.
R4 Cornagrade - The District Council intends to develop this 5.9ha green wedge of wet grassland close to the town centre for walkways and passive open space purposes. Upon development of the Johnston Basin Opportunity Site this area will facilitate pedestrian access to the town centre from Factory Road and Mill Street.
R5 Tempo Road - a 2ha site well located relative to existing and proposed housing areas. The District Council intends to develop this site as a neighbourhood play area including a kickabout area to serve the future needs of this locality.
R6 Knockalough/Drumgarrow - Approximately 11.2ha of land is indicated both for passive open space and informal recreation purposes in conjunction with 3 large housing zonings at Knockalough and Drumgarrow. While the housing and recreation/open space areas are defined at this location some adjustments may be appropriate. In such instances it is likely that the Planning Service will require developers to enter into planning agreements before planning permission is forthcoming for housing to ensure the proper development of the area.
R7 Aughaward - The District Council proposes playing field facilities at this 3.2ha site to serve existing and proposed housing areas at Knockalough and Drumgarrow. This area should be linked by pedestrian pathways to adjoining land zoned for both housing and recreation/open space.
R8 Erneside Shoreline - 2.Sha comprising the shoreline area of a lough with a channel to the Erne containing extensive reed beds. Development here on the lake shore will be limited to small scale recreational or tourism development proposals such as footpaths and picnic tables. On completion of the Derrychara Development Road (Plan Proposal RD2) the area of land to the south of the road may be suitable for larger scale tourism/recreation development.
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