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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Proposals: Enniskillen Local Landscape Policy Areas L9-L12

L9 Mullylogan - A rath at Mullylogan which is part of the local heritage. This archaeological monument and its immediate surroundings form part of the setting of the town viewed on approach along the Derrylin Road from the south. It adjoins the Enniskillen development limit and lies within the Green Belt. There will be a strong presumption against development in this area.
L10 Rossorry Rectory - The avenue of mature trees to and the trees surrounding Rossorry Rectory which are a visually important landscape feature. There will be a strong presumption against development which would significantly affect the treed setting of this property.
L11 Rossole Lough - The Rossole Lough shore and associated vegetation which includes extensive reed beds, marshland, scrub vegetation and individual stands of trees. This wetland habitat is visually significant viewed from the Sligo Road and has potential local wildlife value. It also acts as an important landscape buffer along the Sligo Road, an area of the town which has developed extensively in the last 10-15 years. The western shore is outside the limit of development of Enniskillen and lies within the Green Belt. There will be a strong presumption against development throughout this area.
L12 Old Rossorry Graveyard and Church site - Old Rossorry Graveyard and an adjoining earthwork enclosure on land to the east and south east represent the visible remains of an ecclesiastical site of some antiquity. This is a significant part of the local heritage and permission will therefore not be granted for any development which would result in the damage or destruction of this archaeological site. Development proposals on adjoining land zoned for housing must also have full regard to their potential impact on this site.
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