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Dungannon and South Tyrone Area Plan 2010
Villages: Donaghmore

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Donaghmore is located approximately five kilometres northwest of Dungannon (see Map No. 80). The settlement is defined in two nodes. Whilst the majority of the settlement’s housing, services and facilities are located in the main village cluster, there is also an area of housing to the southeast, at Annaghbeg. The settlement has a wide range of local facilities.
A settlement limit is designated around the two development clusters to provide a visual break between them, protecting the visual quality of the area, and to prevent the coalescence of the clusters.
In the past, land adjacent to the Mullygruen Main has been subject to flooding. Land immediately southeast of Ivybank Park may be subject to flooding from the adjacent watercourse.
An Area of Townscape Character is designated in the centre of the village, based on the quality of the built heritage. The design of development proposals within this area should be in keeping with the historic built form in terms of scale, form, massing, design detailing and materials.
Three Local Landscape Policy Areas (LLPAs) are designated at:
  • the localised hill at Aghareany (LLPA 1): To help protect the visual amenity and landscape setting of the village;
  • the banks of the Torrent River (LLPA 2): To help protect the visual amenity, nature conservation interest and public access /recreation potential offered by this watercourse; and
  • St Joseph’s Convent Grammar School grounds, St Patrick’s Churches, cemeteries and Parochial House (LLPA 3): To help protect the landscape around these historic buildings.
Areas of Archaeological Potential are designated in the village centre and west of the sewage treatment works. Within these areas, developers will normally be expected to submit an archaeological assessment or evaluation in association with planning applications.
Single dwellings of an appropriate design will normally be acceptable on suitable sites within the settlement limit provided the proposal does not prejudice the comprehensive development of adjacent land. Housing development will normally be permitted provided the scale, layout and detailed design of the development are compatible with the scale and character of the settlement.
In order to reinforce local identity, all residential proposals should be guided and informed by the historic built forms displayed within the designated Area of Townscape Character in the village. Standard suburban layouts or the use of designs and materials unrelated to the traditional village character will not be acceptable.
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