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Dungannon and South Tyrone Area Plan 2010
Settlements: Dungannon

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Dungannon is the principal administrative and commercial centre for the Borough, providing a wide range of services for its population in terms of public administration, professional and commercial offices, education services and community and leisure facilities. The Regional Development Strategy (RDS) identifies the town as a main hub that will continue to provide a range of industrial, commercial, education and community services. The town will also continue to provide significant opportunities for residential growth. A Dungannon Regeneration Strategy has been completed in recent years.

The Town Centre

The town centre continues to provide the best location for retail and office uses due to its ready accessibility, by a variety of modes of transport, for all sections of the community. It is both accessible by foot to many of the residents of the town and is at the hub of the road network with a number of public car parks and parking spaces. The Ulsterbus Station at Beech Valley is located on the southern side of the town centre.
The town provides a convenient and compact centre but would benefit from an increase in the range of shops and provision of larger units. The main shopping area is centred around Market Square and those streets radiating from it, in particular Scotch and Irish Streets. There are some areas of underuse and dereliction, with particular concentrations to the west, which are detrimental to the overall environmental image of the centre. Nevertheless, the town retains an interesting historic street pattern with some notable buildings reinforced by the changes in street gradient and the distinctive hillside location.
In order to protect the vitality and viability of the town centre, a number of measures and proposals are adopted to retain and improve its attractiveness, accessibility and amenity. These include the designation of:
  • a town centre boundary, inside which Development Opportunity Sites are designated (see Plan Policy RSO 1, Policy RSO 3 and the relevant key site requirements);
  • a Primary Retail Core, inside which new non-retail uses at ground floor level are controlled in accordance with the proviions of PPS 5 Retailing and Town Centres (see Plan Policy RSO 2);
  • town centre public car parking facilities which are protected (see Plan Policy TRAN 2);
  • an Area of Townscape Character within which the Department exercises control over the character and appearance of the area (see Plan Policy CON 5 and guidance on Area of Townscape Character in Dungnnon);
  • a Local Landscape Policy Area where features of intrinsic environmental value are protected (see Plan Policy CON 2);
  • protected Town Centre Housing areas where existing housing is protected from pressure for non-residential use (se Plan Policy HOUS 2); and
  • areas of open space which are safeguarded from other uses (see Plan Policy ROS 1).
See Map No. 61a for details of the Dungannon settlement and Map No. 61 b for Dunnagon town centre.
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