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Dungannon and South Tyrone Area Plan 2010
Settlements: Coalisland


The town grew up around the small coalfield that lies between Dungannon and Stewartstown and gained its livelihood from iron, cotton and the linen industries since its establishment as a coal mining centre in the early seventeenth century. The industrial history of Coalisland is reflected in its development growth. A fragmented pattern of residential estates, terraces and ribbons of housing interspersed with industrial activities has been established around the periphery of past and present mineral extraction areas.
This historical legacy continues to influence the present day pattern of development. Much of the land to the west of the town centre is constrained by mineral workings or mineral reserve areas whilst land to the north and northeast contains numerous former mine workings. Where significant concentrations of mine workings have been identified, land has not been zoned for any particular use as there are likely to be major constraints to comprehensive development in these areas. The possibility of mine workings within zoned land cannot however be discounted as it is based on current knowledge. The Department would advise developers to undertake any necessary further investigations and to take such measures as necessary to ensure that proposals do not sustain damage as a result of subsidence.
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