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Derry Area Plan 2011
Villages and Small Settlements: Eglinton

Eglinton lies at the southern end of the flat land of the Foyle estuary some 11 kilometres east of Londonderry and some 1 kilometre off the A2 Londonderry to Limavady Road. The inherent attractiveness of Eglinton, its proximity to the large industrial areas at Campsey and Maydown together with the good road links to the City have combined to produce rapid growth of the village and it increasingly functions as a dormitory settlement for the City.
The Department proposes to limit the further expansion of Eglinton in order to protect its character. Accordingly, the development limit does not encompass significant change but will provide for some opportunities for growth within Eglinton over the Plan period.

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The Department designates 4 areas of open space/recreation use within the village. These are located at the paddock, the Cricket Club, the playing field to the east of Cottage Row and land associated with the primary school at Woodvale Road. Proposals for development in these areas will be judged against Policy R1.
The Department designates an Area of Townscape Character centred on Main Street. Proposals for development in this area will be judged against Policy BE 12.
The Department defines 2 Areas of Local Nature Conservation and Amenity Importance within or adjacent to the village. Proposals for development in these areas will be judged against Policy ENV 4. These areas are designated to protect the following features considered to be of greatest local amenity value:
  • the Castle River adjacent to the south eastern development limit of the village;
  • the landscape around Foyle Park House.
The Department will require that development proposals along the development limits and at the interface with landscape features should provide for substantial and appropriate tree planting in order to protect the character of the rural area and setting of Eglinton village. These areas include:
  • the southern development limit on the western side of Woodvale Road. Proposals for development should include substantial and appropriate tree planting;
  • the northern development limit on the western side of Ballygudden Road. An appropriate tree planting scheme should be incorporated with development proposals;
  • the northern development limit along Carnmoney Road west of the existing Wheatfield housing development. This boundary shall be defined by a 3 metre wide deciduous planted strip which shall be continued along the western boundary. In addition, a 3 metre strip of trees shall be planted along the northern side of Carnmoney Road.
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