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Derry Area Plan 2011
Industry and Employment: Proposals

Proposal IND 1 Zoned Industrial Land

Approximately 200 hectares of land are zoned for industrial purposes.
The zonings are identified on Map 1, Map 2 and the Village Maps.

Zoning IND 1 Culmore

A site comprising some 40 hectares lying between Culmore Road, Arden Road and Coney Road is zoned for industrial development. The site itself is quite flat and has no significant constraints on development. Access can be achieved directly from Culmore Road thus obviating the need to serve the area via the Point or Arden Roads within the village itself. However, in terms of wider traffic considerations, it is likely that development of this proposal will trigger the need for the construction of the Tullyarden by-pass. Developers of these industrial lands will be required to provide the by-pass and other associated roadworks.

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Zoning IND 2 Skeoge

Development has recently got under way on some 20 hectares acquired by the Industrial Development Board (IDB). IDB has also acquired a further 12 hectares and their entire holding will be accessed only from the Skeoge Link Road.

Zoning IND 3 Buncrana Road

This site comprises some 14 ha and is bounded on the south by Buncrana Road, on the east by Elagh Road, on the north by the River Skeoge and extends right up to the Co. Donegal border in the west. The site slopes gently downwards from the Buncrana Road boundary to the Skeoge river. The lower portions bordering the river would require culverting and the general level of the site would require landfill to provide adequate protection from flooding. The amount of fill required would raise the site to the level of the adjacent Buncrana Road. Despite these physical constraints, at least two-thirds of the area would be suitable for development with access from Buncrana Road. Its juxtaposition with Co. Donegal in the Republic would make the area ideal for a Cross-Border development project. It should be noted that the River Skeoge discharges to Inch Lough which is a designated Natural Heritage Area and discharges to the Skeoge should be viewed in this context. Prospective developers are advised to liaise with the Water Service and Rivers Agency and other relevant agencies early in the formulation of their proposals.

Zoning IND 4 Springtown

This site comprises some 4 hectares formerly owned by the City of Derry Rugby Club at Buncrana Road. The site has been acquired by the IDB and has been zoned for industry. This site is now being developed for Seagate.

Zoning IND 5 Campsey

This site comprises some 20 hectares of flat land immediately to the north of the existing industrial development at Campsey. This site is a logical extension of existing development with readily available access and all infrastructure can also be easily provided. IDB has recently acquired this site for development early in the Plan period.

Zoning IND 6 Maydown

This site comprises some 80 hectares bisected by Maydown Road and bounded by the existing Maydown Industrial Estate, the DuPont site and the Coolkeeragh power station. It is, therefore, a major infill site enjoying good access to the Port and the District’s strategic road network via the Maydown Roundabout. It is likely to be suitable for a variety of types of industrial development. A buffer zone has been retained as Green Belt between the proposed industrial site and the Enagh Lough Area of Local Nature Conservation and Amenity Importance. Due to the sloping and elevated nature of this site, development will have a visual impact which shall be mitigated by terracing and by a major scheme of structural tree planting. A buffer zone of planting along the north west and south west boundary will also be necessary. A significant portion of the site can drain to the Foyle. Care will have to be exercised in respect of the southern and eastern sectors which drain naturally to Enagh Lough and the Faughan river. In respect of these areas, provision to drain to the Faughan downstream of the Carmoney intake will be required or it must be clearly demonstrated that provision for storm water discharge will not adversely affect water quality either in the Enagh Lough area or upstream of the Carmoney intake. Prospective developers are advised to liaise with the Water Service, the Rivers Agency and other relevant agencies early in the formulation of their proposals.

Zoning IND 7 Newbuildings

The site comprises some 6 hectares and is zoned for industrial purposes on the southern edge of Newbuildings village. There are no infrastructure problems and access can be achieved through the existing developed area.

Mixed Use Zoning: Iona Park

A 2 ha site at Southway has been identified as suitable for light industrial or housing use or an appropriate mix of both uses (see Appendix 7).
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