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Derry Area Plan 2011
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Policy H 2 Open Space Provision in New Housing Areas

The Department will require as necessary the provision of manageable areas of incidental open space suitable for informal amenity and play use within new housing developments.
It is important to ensure that adequate open space is made available within larger housing areas. Land has not been specifically zoned for this purpose so as not to restrict unduly the design of future housing layouts. However, provision of open space should be incorporated within the overall scheme at an early stage in the design. The Department, in consultation with Derry City Council, will assess all planning applications for housing estate development and determine whether such open space areas are required. In assessing the need for and size of such areas, the Department will take into consideration the location, the overall size and density of development proposed, together with garden size and the accessibility of the development to any nearby play spaces. To ensure the provision, future maintenance and management of the above areas, developers will normally be required to enter Article 40 or other legal agreements to guarantee provision and maintenance either by the City Council, communal arrangements, management company or other appropriate means before planning permission is forthcoming (see also Plan Policy R3, Section 10).

Policy H 3 Infill Housing

Housing development on redundant, derelict or vacant sites and the development of infill or opportunity sites within Londonderry and other defined settlements will normally be permitted pending a satisfactory residential environment being provided and subject to no over-riding need for other uses on that land.
A strategic objective of the Department is to promote Inner Urban Regeneration. The presence of people living, working and shopping in an area can contribute significantly to its vitality. Within the Urban Area there is a number of sites which were once in full use but are now underused or vacant. Many of these sites present residential development opportunities, some of which would lend themselves to high density developments which would contribute to the tight urban pattern already existing in the Inner City. The re-use of these sites reduces the need to take up agricultural land, to provide additional infrastructure and helps prevent urban sprawl (see Proposal CA 5, Plan Policies CA 3 and CA 4 and Section 15 Central Area).
More detailed guidance on low rise infill housing development in existing residential areas is given in Development Control Advice Note 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas. The Department will seek to ensure the cumulative effect of infill development does not damage the character and amenity of existing areas.

Policy H 4 Housing for People with Special Needs

Planning permission will normally be granted for a residential or nursing home in a residential area provided there are no convincing objections on traffic or amenity grounds.
The establishment of care in the community has meant the provision of a range of accommodation enabling people in institutional care to return to a home environment. Residential facilities provided by public, private and voluntary bodies include shared homes, sheltered accommodation and independent flats.
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