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Derry Area Plan 2011
Central Area: Residential Development

Proposal CA 5 Protection of Residential Stock

The Department defines existing residential areas within the Central Area.
The Department recognises the importance of a strong residential component to the general well-being of the Central Area. Changes from residential to non residential uses will not normally be permitted. These areas represent the remaining concentrations of housing accommodation within the Central Area. Elsewhere, where housing is not the primary use, a change to non residential use may be acceptable. The protection of residential amenity will be a prime consideration when dealing with planning applications on sites adjacent to existing dwellings.

Policy CA 3 Housing on Opportunity Sites

The Department will encourage the provision of new residential development within the Central Area provided the function of the Commercial Core is not prejudiced.
The Department has identified a number of opportunity sites within the Central Area, and where a housing use would be appropriate the map has been so annotated. In addition, the Department has identified a Flats Policy Area (see Housing Policy H 5) where the conversion of property to flat use would be acceptable in principle.

Policy CA 4 Residential Use on Upper Floors

The Department will encourage the provision of flats on the vacant upper floors of property within the Commercial Core.
The Commercial Core is frequently characterised by the existence of vacant and under-used property at first floor level and above. The Department would like to see these properties restored to full use and a potential use might be housing (see Housing Policy H 5).
All of these policies are geared to the bolstering of the existing residential component in the Central Area and their realisation would bring about an increase in the permanent population living in and therefore contributing to the Central Area, its vitality and attractiveness.
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