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Derry Area Plan 2011
Central Area: Commercial Core

The Commercial Core is characterised by a concentration of shopping and office facilities on both banks of the River Foyle. The total number and range of shopping and other retail service facilities confirm the role of the Commercial Core as the primary shopping location for an extensive hinterland embracing not just the City and its District but also Limavady, Strabane and parts of east and north Donegal. The overall role of the Commercial Core has been greatly strengthened with the opening of Quayside and Foyleside on the Cityside and redevelopment for shopping purposes in the Waterside. The Department has played an important role in this commercial regeneration through the exercise of its Comprehensive Development powers and by directly facilitating growth via the Urban Development Grant programme.

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Proposal CA 2 The Commercial Core

The Department defines an area as the Commercial Core as depicted on Map 3 Central Area
The Commercial Core contains the traditional concentration of retailing and other town centre uses. Within this area the Department will give favourable consideration to proposals for retail shops, local services and office uses which consolidate the function of the traditional Commercial Core of Londonderry. Proposals which prejudice the vitality and viability of the Commercial Core either directly or indirectly will not be acceptable and the unreasonable loss or displacement of prime car parking spaces servicing the Core will be resisted. It is essential that the Core is well served by accessible and convenient car parks.

Proposal CA 3 Primary Retail Frontages

The Department defines the frontages of the following streets as Primary Retail Frontage: Strand Road, Waterloo Place, William Street, Waterloo Street, Shipquay Street, Butcher Street, The Diamond Ferryquay Street, Bishop Street Within (The Diamond to London Street/Society Street), Foyle Street and Carlisle Road.
Along these primary street frontages changes of use to non-retail commercial uses such as service trades and offices will be discouraged where:
  • there would be a significant loss of retail floorspace;
  • a clustering of non retail uses is created; or
  • the area overall is tending to be dominated by non retail uses.
The remaining streets within the Commercial Core are by definition secondary shopping areas and proposals for local services, offices and other uses at street level will be determined on their locational merits having regard to Plan policies and proposals.
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