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Craigavon Town Centre Boundaries and Retail Designations Plan 2010
Preamble: Review of Public Administration (RPA)

Carnegie Inn LurganThe Review of Public Administration (RPA) is a far-reaching review of the arrangements for the delivery of public services in Northern Ireland. It is proposed that there will be a two-tier model within which all public services within Northern Ireland will operate. The regional tier, which largely comprises central government departments, will concentrate mainly on policy development, strategic planning and setting and monitoring standards. The sub-regional tier, that will have local government at its core, will be the main vehicle for the delivery of local public services.
Key decisions on the future shape of local government announced in March 2008 confirmed the rationalisation of the current 26 local government districts to create 11 new local government districts.
Development Plans and responsibility for development control, and enforcement will fall under the new local government arrangements.
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