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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Settlement Proposals: Central Craigavon: Conservation

Local Landscape Policy Areas

A Local Landscape Policy Area is designated at Carn in Central Craigavon.
Designation C/LLPA 1 Carn Local Landscape Policy Area
Within the LLPA planning permission may be granted for:
  • proposals for single dwellings, with access onto Charlestown Road, where this does not lead to erosion of the area's rural character;
  • extension to existing uses or minor ancillary development; or
  • redevelopment of existing buildings, providing the proposed development is contained within the built envelope.
Proposals will be required to integrate sympathetically with the natural environment, therefore conserving, rather than destroying, the quality of the landscape. No frontage development will be permitted on Carn Road or New Charlestown Road. Proposals should be in accordance with Plan Policy CON 2 and prevailing regional planning policy.
The LLPA provides for an area of local wildlife with important landscape and amenity value and is designated to establish a buffer zone between the adjacent existing and zoned industrial areas, and to retain the rural character of the area. The cumulative impact of the number of buildings in the area and the consequent effect on rural character will be taken into account in assessing development proposals. This area at Carn comprises some 11.6 hectares of land to the northwest of Carn Industrial Estate. This landscape is characterised by pastureland and scrub with mature planting on the boundaries and within the site. There is a number of established residential properties within mature gardens located within and around the site boundary, with the remainder of this area reflecting a traditional field pattern. Developers should note that frontage development onto Charlestown Road will require provision of a footway along each frontage.
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