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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Plan Strategy

In preparing the Craigavon Area Plan 2010 the following factors have been key elements in developing the plan strategy:
  • the recognition of the sub-regional significance of Craigavon Urban Area;
  • reinforcement of the role of Craigavon Urban Area as a major service centre for urban and rural communities;
  • the high growth potential of Craigavon Urban Area, reflecting its role as the major service centre in mid-Ulster, the second largest industrial centre in the Region and its strategic location on the key transportation corridors; and
  • the role of the Craigavon Urban Area in meeting a significant proportion of the Borough's housing need.
In reflecting the above, the Plan Strategy has a focus on strengthening the urban area and focusing major housing, industrial, commercial and service development in that location. The urban area consists of three distinct, but inter-related places i.e. Lurgan, Central Craigavon (which includes Brownlow) and Portadown. Within the urban area the key elements of the Plan Strategy are:
  • the retention and enhancement of the distinctive characteristics of each place
  • the facilitation of community choice;
  • the facilitation of the development of employment generators;
  • the accommodation of a larger share of residential development within the existing urban area to reduce green field extensions; and
  • the phasing of land release, where necessary and appropriate.
The settlement pattern of the rural area of Craigavon Borough is characterised by a number of villages and smaller settlements, together with dispersed housing development in the countryside. This pattern is influenced by the topography and land characteristics of the countryside and reflects the preferences of the rural community. The maintenance of a complementary and balanced relationship between the rural and urban area is essential to build on the strengths of the urban area and to produce a sustainable pattern of development. For the villages and smaller settlements the Plan Strategy is to:
  • accommodate new development to meet local need, and recognise the need for community choice;
  • consolidate the existing pattern of development;
  • protect their landscape setting and village character;
  • manage the expansion of the settlements; and
  • phase development land release, particularly with respect to future provision of infrastructure.
An integral part of the Plan Strategy is the protection of landscapes and sites of natural, historic or archaeological importance.
In addition to land for housing, the Plan zones 156.72 hectares of land for industry within the urban area, and identifies a number of development opportunity sites within the urban area. The Plan also contains policies to encourage development within the urban area and policies to protect the environment of the Borough.
The Plan will implement this strategy through a series of policies and proposals that are in accordance with the Department's current strategic and regional planning policies. These are to be found in Parts 2 and 3 of the Plan.
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