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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Plan Objectives

The main objectives of the Plan are as follows:
  • the encouragement and facilitation of sustainable patterns of development;
  • the maintenance of compact urban forms that respect the individual character and identity of settlements, avoid urban sprawl and reduce the need for expansion into the countryside;
  • the most efficient use of existing infrastructure, buildings and transportation systems;
  • the integration of land use and transportation to reduce congestion and the need for car journeys and encourage a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport, including walking and cycling;
  • the protection of the quality of the countryside and the diversity of its rural character;
  • the protection and, where appropriate, enhancement of the natural environment and man-made heritage;
  • the achievement of a high quality of layout, design and landscaping in new development; and
  • facilitating the achievement of the Borough's economic potential.
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